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Monday, March 26, 2007

Elizabeth and John Edwards - THEIR decision

When John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth held their press conference the other day I was desolate thinking that he/they would pack it in. (The other Dems just don't excite me and I would have had to have prayed for Al Gore to change his mind.) But the two of them are determined to meet the challenges as given and to persist, day by day. I am outraged that there are those who are rather adament and vocal that the Edwards should drop everything and spend quality time with their kids and each other. Hey -- we all should do that!! The main difference between "healthy us" and the Elizabeth and John Edwards is that they know that Elizabeth has a health problem. Yet any of us could die or be killed any day.

Most of the critics are on the right, some even claiming that the Edwards are using this to jumpstart the campaign (Oh, really, O'Reilly?) But I was positively shocked to see that one of them was Matthew Rothschild, the editor of the The Progressive magazine. Most of the people responding to the post of his podcast are, like me, taken aback with his position. But click on my title link and read it for yourself.

I am happy to report the continuation of the campaign jumpstarted me to check on the status of my Ann Coulter remark donation(s). (It didn't go through and didn't go through and after my third attempt I stopped because what if were being recorded and I wasn't being told?!!) It hadn't. Instead, then, on Thursday I doubled the donation and I will admit there has been a lot of activity on ActBlue for John Edwards. You can read my retort to Matt Rothschild either on his site or below, but please consider joining me and making a donation to the man who really cares about the Middle Class and working people. Please go to ActBlue and then say a prayer for the Edwards and our country. (And consider buying and reading Elizabeth Edwards' Saving Graces, which I have just picked up again to read during my commute.)

My Response to Matt Rothschild's Essay
"Edwards Should Quit"

Seeing this podcast downloaded to my computer, I was flabberghasted. Matthew Rothschild spouting right wing talking points? Listening to it didn't make it better. My reaction? "Judge not that ye be not judged." But am I not also judging Matt? Still, good God! We are given challenges in our lives and these challenges have purpose. John and Elizabeth choose life and continuing what they see as their shared work. There is meaning in that. Indeed, there is life in that. And it is their choice. And I bless them and pray for them and I allow them and thank them for their choice.

To Elizabeth, don't give up, don't give in, do what matters to you and brings healing to your soul and meaning to your life.

To John, God grant you peace and healing, too.

To both, strength and grace and vision. Do the work that God has given you to do and God help you to discern what that is.

To Matthew and to Kate Anne (me!) -- Judge not, that we be not judged. God help us meet our challenges and be grateful for the gifts and challenges that we are given.

Matthew, please forgive me for judging you for judging John and I will forgive you and not unsubscribe to your podcast.

God bless us all -- life is tough. Now let's keep on keeping on.

Peace hugs!

Now I have to go back some more boxes. Moving from an apartment where one has been for thirteen years is not easy.

More peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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