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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MoveOn Out of Iraq NOW

Last night I was one of about fifty people standing in a light drizzle on 52nd Street and Roosevelt in Queens, NY, as part of the 1100 Out of Iraq vigils held to mark the beginning of the (illegal) Iraq invasion four years ago. Our slight discomfort was nothing compared to what is endured by Iraqis and our troops serving in Iraq. Yet Hillary Clinton has now said she is for our continued presence and, hey, should we waste those fourteen permanent US bases we've built there?

Do I sound outraged? Well, I should. To the politicians elected to represent us, I and those standing with me last night would agree: let's MoveOn Out of Iraq NOW. As many of us said last December, "Not one more death, not one more dollar." At yesterday's demo organized by Sandra and John, names were read, stories were told, anger and mourning were expressed, and most important: action was urged. We vigilled. I even led the group in a song and urged nonviolence as my contribution (along with some peace luminaries). And today we speak up louder. Tomorrow, we should shout: Out. Now. We have no credibility left. Others will have to be in charge of cleaning up our mess though how we can possibly make restitution to the Iraq people for the sins we have committed, I cannot fathom.

Read Anthony Arnove's article, Four Years Later... And Counting: Billboarding the Iraqi Disaster. And please join me in speaking out for peace and justice.

(For more pictures from the vigil, check out the MoveOn set at my site.)

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

FOR Peace NOW!

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