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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What I've been up to

Life is busy and still a challenge right now (isn't it usually?), but I must take a few minutes to update my friends in case they come looking for me and see nothing new.

I've move down the street but I'm still on Bliss -- All together now, "Praise and thanks be to God -- Alleluiah!" -- and thanks be to Marc Crawford Leavitt who gave me the lead to my "new" place. That said, it is a bit smaller with no attic rights so I have more boxes still to deal with than I would prefer. I am making slow progress as I try to pick up on my life prior to mid-January when I learned that my old place is being sold. I must hold back even as I must do a little. I beg the understanding of my fellow activists.

Even my camera has been pretty much ignored. I did make it down to J&R to buy some new camera cords as mine have yet to surface from their safe place in some crevice of some box. I am anticipating downloading some pictures of the view from my second floor back porch (Dare I call it a balcony or a terrace? I don't want to sound high-falooting or hoity-toity.). In the meantime enjoy the pictures of Bliss Street from my site, linked in the title above.

I've been listening to too much Talk Radio -- the left wing feminine version of my dear ditto-head brother (who does listen to Air America on his satellite radio so perhaps he is making progress into the light. And I have blogged a little at Common Dreams and a few other places -- like the Sam Seder Show and with my Laura Flanders' friends. And I've listened more to Jon Elliott who kept me company during much of my late night packing -- but now AAR has him from midnight to 3 pm -- a little late for this usual morning person. Thank God for podcasts! (We'll get into my views of the new AAR lineup at some later time. But at least I still have "my" Thom Hartmann from noon to three.)

I've gotten angry at the Dems for caving in to Bush's demands for more money for the illegal Iraq invasion's occupation. Even those who voted no played with the rules, said another of my favorite writer/bloggers, David Sirota. ARGH!!! (Heard a good clip from Dem presidential candidate Mike Gravel on this issue -- on Jon Elliott's site: Must give Mike AND John Edwards more money. Somehow the media ranks the candidates according to contributions amassed rather than number of contributors or poll results and both Mike and John (and Dennis Kucinich) have to be taken seriously. Give money NOW.

The Dems have got to get serious with Healthcare. We need Medicare for all. I blogged this somewhere:

Last year Hillary Clinton was second in contributions from the Health and Pharmaceutical industry [shall we groan together?]. Not likely that she will be pushing much of a health care plan, is there? Unless it is really tied in to the establishment: read cost more money!!

We have to get away from business-centered healthcare and away from insurance companies -- except perhaps for auxiliary programs. What we need is universal healthcare which doesn't rely on the profit motive. Healthcare is a right. Healing is an art. Make a living, yes. Make a killing, no!

Obama's plan doesn't take this into account either. ARGH!!!

Health and healing should be open to every mother's child -- and that includes the grown ones, too!


And I have cried a bit -- Casey's mom Cindy Sheehan is quite burnt out. I added this comment to the posting of her resignation letter at

Kate Anne and Cindy Sheehan, 05-01-06 Peace March

Dearest Cindy -- be still, breathe, relax, heal, revive, retool, breathe, know that you cannot be expected to do it all. Do nothing for now except breathe, heal and feel our love and gratitude.

When and if you return to more visibility in the public eye, as your final parting messages to the people who love you on Air America Radio indicate perhaps you just may, walk forth with your own vision for peace. Don't let anyone should on you, and don't should on yourself. [Good for all of us to remember the extra commandment, "Thou shalt not 'should' on thyself today."] The only thing you should do now is heal.

I thank God for Casey's sacrifice and as Larkspur and 'aquietman' said it was not in vain because his death spurred you to to speak up for justice and peace. His death has meaning, not because it was in an illegal invasion, but because in his sacrifice Casey gave us you, and you, my dear Cindy, are a gift. If you never speak another word for peace, you have done more than most. Do what you must -- heal, revive, breathe, love and be loved. Then, do what your heart tells you to do -- but only do what you can. You, none of us, can do it all.

God bless you, my dear Cindy, mother of Casey and some beautiful other children who also need you and love you. Be there for yourself and for them. Thank you for being a blessing to us all. You are in our prayers and in our hearts. Godspeed in your life's journey, wherever it takes you next.

Peace hugs!

And my little boy Audient is planning to wed his Gina. Great news! Something to look forward to! But first gotta go to work and earn some money and then come home to a little more deboxing activity.

Peace hugs one and all,
Kate Anne

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