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Friday, April 13, 2007

The REAL story: the complicit 85 unfired U.S. attorneys

Taking time from moving and taxes, I must comment on John Nichols' piece on Senators Expand Inquiry of Political Prosecutions. Senator Leahy is pursuing more information on the very weak blatantly political prosecution of a Democratic Wisconsin state employee. If you don't know about this story, please read the article, but I posted this comment at Common Dreams:

The last paragraph says it all:

“Ultimately, the big story of the scandal at the Department of Justice will not be that of the eight fired prosecutors. It will be that of the 85 who were not fired, and of what they did or did not do to keep their jobs.”

This is the story the rightist corporate media has NOT been pursuing, though Air America Radio’s very astute Rachel Maddow HAS been emphasizing. Thank God the Senate Judiciary committee is finally awakening to it. We have to push this too and force the issue into wider debate.

Statofthesea [one of the other commenters] speaks about the belief of stolen elections. It is NOT a question of belief — there is absolute proof for 2000 and clear reasons to doubt the 2004 outcomes, from the exit polling to election fraud to the rigged Ohio recount for which two employees are serving time. The NY Times printed in November 2001 that anyway the Florida ballots were counted, Kerry won, but they buried this point deep in the article (paragraph 28?) Thom Hartmann suggests because with 911 they did not wish to question the legitimacy of Bush.

John Nichols is terrific and anyone interested in hearing him speak about some of his stuff should check out his various interviews (Oct. 8, 2006 in particular) by Bob McChesney on WILL radio’s Media Matters show: — great stuff!

I think I will buy a copy of Nichols’ THE GENIUS OF IMPEACHMENT and send it to my congressmember. BOTTOM LINE:

Nancy Pelosi should put impeachment BACK on the table.

Impeachment -- for this and so many reasons, including an illegal invasion: Nancy Pelosi, are you listening?

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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