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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mark Green: Some Open Thoughts

Moving and getting food poisoning [Flu? I had my shot.] and working for corporate America really cuts into one's time, but I wanted to share what I just posted on Air America Radio's David Bender's blog (Great show which you can podcast, fyi!!) He had new AAR president Mark Green on last night and I'm hoping that Mark will see my ideas, which I also share here with you:

Mark and David -- You guys rock!

I didn't mind getting stuck at work late when I can stream the two of you talking. I regretted I couldn't take the time to call and be on hold. (But you took Lisa's call from Queens so you didn't need mine, geographically speaking.) Still, a few brief comments:

1. I am an AIR AMERICAN -- not just a bumper stick, make it a PIN, too, please -- and make them cheap enough for people to buy several (lowering the price the more you buy perhaps). I always like to give extra political and/or peace pins -- this has included my Green apples :) -- to people who promise to wear them. Also put the web address on it too, of course. (Obvious, but....) (Offer prizes to on-the-street wearers? Carefully? Maybe? Because in NYC some folks might get scammed.)

2. Affiliate links on the AAR website would be helpful for a number of reasons.

3. YES -- Stress podcasting -- it is great to go back to and/or share a terrific show with some other folks. It is a new world. (I love to podcast Bob McChesney's Media Matters -- can you pick up HIS segment for AAR?)

4. Thanks for Thom Hartmann but he's lost his Jim Hightower segment. :( Please try picking up some Hightower as budget allows. Like Thom, Jim is a wealth of knowledge and entertaining -- and that is what AAR is all about.

5. Also Thom's open and friendly spirituality defines what America and the world should be. I love diversity on AAR -- the presence of the vast rainbow. (i.e., David isn't religious or spiritual -- that's fine. That's where G-d wants him to be right now -- no one else's business.) Keep it up -- Furthermore the State of Belief and The Time is Now shows are great and should be given wider release to even non-AAR stations, if interested, because they portray the rainbow.

7. Any chance of getting Marc Maron back? I'll take bits and pieces, but I miss all his funnies!! (That said, Kent Jones is great -- and he and Rachel Maddow are wonderful together!!!)

8. Eco-Talk is essential -- and Laura Flanders with Radio Nation is a treasure trove.

9. Happy birthday, Mark, to you and me -- and Cathy Nolan and Jerry Marsicano and Louise Hartmann and all enlightened Pisces!! I consider the Greening of Air America as a birthday gift to us all -- a gift that we're sharing with LOTS -- more and more each day (please God --by whatever name). And that is what being an Air American is all about -- sharing and caring and making the world a better, more peaceful, more equitable place. As Thom Hartmann keeps saying, if the polls show that so many Americans are with us, how can they still call us "left"??

Whoops, not really brief, but I sing a shorter song than the poster above (below?) me. (SingSing0911 should get a blog.) And I know how to sing. And today I sing "Happy Birthday" to us all -- and sing praises for all things Air American!

Hope you find this message.

Peace Hugs,

Kate Anne


"The God of Peace is never glorified
by human violence." -- Thomas Merton

I thank God for the blessings in my life, too many to count. If you are reading this, then know you, too, are one of them.

More peace hugs,
Kate Anne

PS See pictures from the Queens St. Pat's Parade at WQIDC blog and at my Flickr page

* * *

UPDATE: During the day, I was listening to a great March 10th podcast of Ring of Fire and realized I had neglected to praise Bobby and Pap's show -- ARGH!!! (David Bender has even been a guest host several times.) My blog has picked up on Bobby Kennedy Jr LOTS of times and as for Mike Papantonio, he's terrific, though he sometimes slips and says Democrat Party (ouch, Pap, remember: Democratic Party). The show on the 10th featured Greg Palast talking about the criminality of one of Gonzalez replacement lawyers, Timothy Griffin (a former Rove aide). Brad Friedman of Bradblog was on, too, urging us to action for really counted paper ballots. Great show. Catch the podcast.

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