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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wolman: "Why Impeachment is Urgent"

Congress is conducting 52 investigations involving George W. Bush. Don't tell me that Nancy Pelosi really has impeachment off the table. Let's tell her to put it quickly back on the table before the son of a Bush and his Rasputin create any more havoc. I do not need to re-create the wheel. features Carol Wolman's excellent article on the subject. Read it -- and ACT to save what is left of our world and our republic:

Bush and Cheney pay no heed to the will of We the People, as we expressed it in last November's election.

We the People want to get out of Iraq; Bush responds with a "surge", and a plan to escalate to 70,000 troops by year's end. We the People want attention to global warming, Bush ignores it. And so forth.

The recent skirmish with Congress over the "surge" shows that Bush still holds the trump card; his Senate Republicans, barely in the minority, can filibuster any legislation that would slow him down....

Thanks for whatever you can do for real peace and true justice -- and for an America of "We the People".

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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