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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Open Letter to the John Edwards' Campaign

I  left this message for the John Edwards campaign at

Please clarify. While I applaud John Edwards' concern for the rights of the working people, unions, and the preservation of the middle class -- an America of We the PEOPLE instead of an America for Corporations, Corporate CEOs and Big Money interests, I am taken aback by something which Amy Goodman sited on Democracy Now! This is that John Edwards is joining in and helping to fan the corporate media's war flames on Iran, just like they did for Iraq.
I am so upset. Fool me once, we understand (but I knew they were lying about Iraq and John should have known, too), but fool me twice? PLEASE -- let me know if he supports more illegal and unnecessary wars/invasions. Iran's moderate population is speaking up and trying to take over. Encourage that, DON'T BOMB THEM. They are far away from being able to produce nukes. John Edwards should speak out for Peace and Diplomacy.
I really can't stand Hillary Clinton [I was blunt but Hill is a big disappointment to progressive New Yorkers. While Thom Hartmann says we should lead the parade and get her to follow our lead, it is like pulling teeth.] who is MY Senator (who supported the illegal Iraq invasion until just recently, tried to compromise with Health Insurance companies instead of supporting Universal healthcare when she had a chance, and doesn't care about the Middle Class except in verbage -- and talk is cheap) and Obama seems phony -- they are both corporatists. [His first votes in Congress point to that. AND he supported Joe Lieberman. For more, listen to FAIR's CounterSpin interview of Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report on Barack Obama at ]
I am an Independent Democratic activist and would be happy to work on the campaign for John Edwards IF he is ready to be for diplomacy and peace -- not the use of nukes and illegal preemptive wars.
Please get back with me -- but I am happy to see a phone number [919-636-3131] and may call. THANKS!
We'll see if I hear back from the Edwards' campaign -- or reach a live person who can help me when I call. I really like John and want to support him -- but not if he's for another trumped up war of aggression, this time on Iran.
Peace hugs,
Kate Anne



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