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Saturday, September 09, 2006

ABC-Disney Mocudrama Fiasco Continues has some great stuff on the outrageous Path to 9/11 farce that ABC-Disney still has on its schedule. Meanwhile, they tell us they are still editing so our criticisms are premature. Still editing? Would they still be editing if we weren't criticizing and protesting this blatant partisan farce? Steal those votes from Democrats by depicting Dems as demons and incompetents. I am not letting Clinton and his administration off the hook for flaws and questionable policies. (NYFOR protested in front of the UN every Wednesday evening against Iraq sanctions for many months during Bill's time in the White House.) But it would appear the 9/11 mocudrama a/k/a docufraud is wrought with historical distortions and blatant lies. Don't give us dramatic license as your excuse, Steamboat Bobby Iger! You appear to be guilty of swiftboating or conspiracy to commit swiftboating.

Long day today -- but we have to keep on this issue. See and for more info -- and also check out for some commentary and great links. And find time to have a life, too -- and work on New York State's 9/12 Democratic primary GOTV. I need a clone.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

PS Just found Delilah Boyd's Best. "Path to 9/11" Link. Ever -- Yes!!


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