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Monday, September 04, 2006

An open letter to Air America Radio

Dear Air America Radio

First we lost Unfiltered, then Morning Sedition, and now Mike Malloy!?!! Mike adds color and flavor to AAR and there are nights when I gotta hear him. Thom Hartmann (who was not on NYC's new WWRL 1600 lineup at all this weekend) is my fave along with Rachel Maddow, but there's something wickedly endearing about Mike. Bring Mike back, please. (And whatever happened to Lizz Winstead?!? And Marc Maron's West [Left?] Coast show!)

And do something about that awful signal and screwed up WWRL programming (weekend mornings are compromised -- and Armstrong Williams weekdays is gawd-awful!!). It is not fair to people who don't have computers -- or can't be tied to streaming. Thank God for podcasting, but Live is the best. I'm in WESTERN Queens and the signal is spotty, especially on portables. EGAD!!

But of special concern is the lack of communication with listeners, including us premium members. This is incomprehensible and truly bad judgment. I've listened to AAR from Day One and have been a cheerleader ever since -- but enough, already. We need more Thom -- and we need Mike back. What is going to happen to little Molly Malloy. Give us variety on AAR -- but stick to the LEFT, PLEASE. And thanks.

Peace Hugs,

Kate Anne


"The God of Peace is never glorified
by human violence." -- Thomas Merton


At 9/05/2006 10:30:00 PM, Blogger Joe said...

I listen -- w/o a podcast -- from the N. Bronx, and I too have problems with the signal nights. I barely can hear it now and Laura on Sat. night had lots of static. I read of a "weak" signal, but if people in the outer boros can't listen, why bother?

I am also quite annoyed at Armstrong Williams ... also that the station simply aren't keeping listeners (including on the website) what is going on. Like, Sam is going to be on mornings, right? When? etc.


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