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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Coming back to NYC, busy at my paid work and impacted by the passing of my sister, I am not quite my activist self but I couldn't help but notice the justaposition of the terror announcement following the Lamont victory over Lieberman. Obviously others have noted it, too, especially when it comes out that Britain was not ready to move on the arrests of the potential suicide plane riders but were pushed by the Bush administration to do so. Keith Olbermann cited on his Countdown show Monday night a whole list of these "interesting" justapositions of such terror alert-raising announcements at opportune times for Bush and the GOP. Former Homeland Security head Tom Ridge admitted he sometimes raised levels to orange purely at the request of the Bush Administration, not because he felt that it was necessary. (Indeed, he questioned it -- but did it anyway.) See Keith's transcript [title link] or his video for more info, but the good news is that Americans aren't buying it as quickly as they were. Bush isn't getting a big bounce -- yet.

Still hoping for a bounce, George W. Bush is out there talking about the "freedom agenda" even as his policies seek to limit our American freedoms. The man has no shame. He pushes for the terror of war in the name of peace and freedom. He sees war as an election tool, looks at Iran, and beats war drums. Meanwhile, CBS this morning showed the devestation caused by Israel's bombing of Lebanon. You can be we didn't make any friends there by endorsing such bombing. I hope that Americans are watching and get the message espoused by singer Michael Franti, "You can bomb the world to pieces but you can't bomb it into peace." . Let's demand of our politicians that they quit pouring kerosene onto fires. We need to make peace, not war. Accentuate the positive, let's demand the establishment of a Department of Peace.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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