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Saturday, June 17, 2006

But VID chose Tasini, NOT Hillary!!

Today's title link points to THE VILLAGER's article which describes some of the goings-on at the Democratic State Convention in Buffalo. Jonathan Tasini was the overwhelming choice of the Village Independent Democrats for U.S. Senator when they voted last month. They are furious because their two state committee members, Larry Moss and Rachel Lavine, voted for Hillary Clinton instead. Lincoln Anderson's article makes interesting reading and documents some of Jonathan's actions at the convention. (Thanks, Ann Eagan for this story.)

This afternoon, I'm hoping to connect with the Tasini campaign petitioners at Union Square. If you are a registered New York Democrat, please check out where the Tasini volunteers will be and sign a petition ASAP. We need to get Jonathan Tasini on the ballot so we can get his pro-peace pro-labor pro-middle class message out in contrast to that of corporatist pro-war Hillary Clinton.

Thanks and....

Peace hugs,
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