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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Unelected Bush Descends to New Low

As I weep the coming loss of Marc Maron on Air America Radio's Morning Sedition (not dying, but leaving -- *sigh*), I was happy to hear him announce that Dubya Bush's approval rating is now down to 35. That's still too high for someone so inept and so evil as to launch an illegal invasion on Iraq and unleash hatred and terrorism toward us by his very action (which is also terrorism -- you don't kill innocent people, Georgie Boy!).

As for Scalito, Scalito, Scalito -- a/k/a Sam Alito -- he's an extreme and terrible nominee and no doubt contributes to George Bush's drop in approval ratings. We don't need another Scallia on the Supreme Court. Italian Americans, just like other Americans, deserve to be represented by someone better than these two extremist hacks. It would improve George's ratings to pick someone more mainstream. But then what do we expect of someone who stole the election again? (See/read Mark Crispin Miller's new book Fooled Again, which I have put on my to buy/read list).

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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