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Sunday, October 30, 2005

From Peace Protest to Humor to Release

Went to the little peace vigil at Union Square and Parks Dept. officer Robert Thompson (#1184) tried to tell me we weren't allow to be there. HUH? All five of us, gently, quietly, with a few signs but no megaphones and certainly under 25. Well, I called 311, which is 212-New-York on cell phones and Leigh told me I should be allowed to be there, as long as we are under twenty. Dear Robert said that inside the park no one was allowed. I said, "I'm a Community Board member and the Police Dept. has told me this is perfectly legal." Betty Lou Hornick piped up that we had a permit, issued back after 9-11 when they started the vigil. Robert took my card, spoke to Barbara (who?) the parks manager and held to his position, but gently, and mentioned he probably wouldn't be there next week. Good! I can take a hint. We'll be back, at least Betty Lou, Sam Oast and I.

Betty Lou and Sam

But today was more special because of David Homanich's parents, Judy Homanich and George Homanich, from Binghamton, NY were there, on an outing to celebrate their 23rd anniversary. They had heard about our little vigil and they had hoped to visit The Little Red Lighthouse, by the George Washington Bridge. They found us, small, but very present. Hope they found the lighthouse. We shared some poignant moments, talk of their dear departed son David, news of the St. Patrick's Four, a poem written by Vietnam veteran for peace George Mizo, now also deceased, and Mike Luckovitch's heart-wrenching WHY editorial cartoon on the dead 2000 soldiers.

Glenn, Betty Lou, Sam, Judy, George

After the seriousness, I arrived home and did some web browsing. Looked up more on Fitzmas. But needed a bit of humor so with great expectations I turned to Harriet Miers's blog. Hysterical (and she links to Audient). Thanks to Harriet, I found her "friend" Patrick Fitzgerald, and following some of the movie links found in the profile I found Karl Rove and Scooter Libby. Harriet remains the tops, blogwise, but the whole thing was just what I needed to avoid writing the press release I have to write about Assemblymember Cathy Nolan and my friend and neighbor State Committeeman Jimmy Van Bramer and West Queens Independent Democratic Club a/k/a WQIDC hosting a neighborhood reception for Congressmember Anthony Weiner. Truly, it was fun, but I didn't think I'd have to write up some notes. I'm not in the mood. Better get in the mood, pdq.

What did Tom Corbally (RIP, Tom!) used to say? "It's not who you know but what you know about who you know." Ah, that Corby! Hmmmm. Well a little humor is good for the soul. But I still have a press release to write. Thank God it is the end of Daylight Savings Time and I have an extra hour to write it in.

Peace Hugs,
Kate Anne


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