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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Healthcare and Hijackers

I just posted the attached to a forum at -- yes, I am a subscriber of Ladies Home Journal, deal with it :-)

Some people are all concerned about themselves and their own good health plans and to hell with the 47 million who have no healthcare -- they probably call themselves Christians, too, forgetting about the Golden Rule. OMG. In all the other industrialized countries, they have public healthcare -- and in some of these countries there are add on insurance policies, if people want them. But basically, I am not concerned about the healthcare industry anymore than I would be concerned about the blacksmiths put out of business when the automobiles began being manufactured. When something better comes along it is okay.

Furthermore, the healthcare industry doesn't really care about providing healthcare, profit is their focus. They eliminate people who will keep them from making their big bucks. They make their money from depriving people of health service. I now have what would be called a pre-existing condition. If I get laid off and/or have to change jobs for whatever reason, I will be screwed. Single payer or at least a good public option would be a Godsend to people with pre-existing conditions who need or want to change jobs.

As for the waiting lists under a government paid plan, emergency care is no problem in Canada and the other industrialized countries. And even with my current relatively good plan I have to wait months for certain doctors. Then I get my bill and see how much is denied reimbursement by my insurance, even as my premium (and deductible) go up and up.

You better darn well believe I have been calling my congressmember and senators and demanding that they see we get a program that saves lives. Because it is not about me, but about ALL of us. We need good healthcare which should not be connected to a profit motive. We're talking healing for you, me, everyone -- not an industrial bottom line.

Meanwhile I see that that town hall meetings are being hijacked by vocal people shouting down people who don't agree with them. Who is behind this hijacking of town hall meetings? The people are being spurred on by such sites as which is run by your average middle class millionaires and lobbyists. Rachel Maddow bravely pointed this out last night (Aug. 5, 2009). Please take ten minutes to view this:

I've posted Rachel's clip on my Facebook page and have tweeted it and blogged it. All the media should be exposing how good people are being duped by those who don't want Congress to come up with a good plan, one that is affordable and comprehensive. No plan is perfect but it has to be better than our current broken system.

We must get out there and talk to people, all different people -- and for heaven's (and your neighbor's) sake, join me in calling you congressmember and Senators. Thanks!!

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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At 8/17/2009 05:52:00 AM, Blogger Indeterminacy said...

These tactics are really disturbing.

Hard for me to understand (from Europe) what has gone wrong in America. I've been away since 1987.

At 9/09/2009 11:30:00 PM, Blogger Jennifer Bedingfield said...

Hi Kate Anne,

The town hall rioters are what Big Insurance/Pharma use as their pawns to keep the public distracted while the puppets in Washington silently make their deals with their business cronies Big Insurance/Pharma. Speaking of profit, the first thing I was taught when I took a course in finance was to put quantity over quality. In other words, turnover is more important than the quality of what you produce. It all starts from there.

P.S.: I am assuming that you are the same Kate Anne I met at Common Dreams. If so, pleased to meet you. I wished I could take the time to make it to your place and give you plenty of peace hugs myself. :)

Politics is so frustrating and sad that it puts me, and I'll bet I'm not alone, to tears that government would gleefully trash true health care reform and lie off about the need to "compromise" and yet when it comes to war spending and bailing out Wall $treet, suddenly rushing that is sooo important. Sickening !


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