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Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching up -- Peace, Torture, Susan, David, AIDS Walk

I've been quiet here but spring has been been beautiful and busy and I've been more vocal on Facebook and Twitter -- such is the evolving social media stream. Peace work involves calls to the White House comment line: 202-456-1111. And in the related end torture/shut down Guantanamo work, I wish I could join Matt Daloisio in Washington for the 100 Days Campaign but I can't get arrested and I have much stuff here that I must accomplish for personal peace, which aids world peace in its own way. There's that but yes, I have been enjoying cheering on Susan Boyle and checking out more Britain's Got Talent stuff on YouTube. In the forefront of much of my spring, however, is my participation in AIDS Walk NY in memory of my big brother -- David J. Pfister. I thank my sponsors and urge you to join them in memory of David and/or another to benefit this good cause.

AIDS Walk New York, the world’s largest AIDS fundraising event, benefits GMHC and over 30 other tri-state area AIDS service organizations. GMHC is the nation’s oldest and most comprehensive AIDS service organization, serving approximately 15,000 people living with HIV and AIDS and their families each year, and countless more through its prevention and advocacy work locally and nationally.

To donate, click here or the scrolling gadget in my sidebar.

Thank you so much, and

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

Kate Anne and David, circa 1989

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