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Sunday, July 27, 2008

This BRAVE Nation and Political Action

I've just subscribed to the podcast of This BRAVE Nation, thanks to the ACLU's Anthony Romero's suggestion. It is a video podcast which my aging computer managed the download but I am seriously looking into buying a new Mac so that I can do my peace and justice work without waiting forever for the bouncing fruit mint (used to be a soccer ball in my older Mac) because I just don't have the memory or hard drive space to efficiently do what needs to be done. That said, I thank God I can work around the slowness.

Speaking of working, we also have to work on getting Barack Obama elected. I was over at convention delegate Brent O'Leary's place last Friday to discuss the 2008 Democratic platform and working for Barack. (See first quicky camera photo at QuickTAKES with more to follow on, which currently is featuring my photos from the Wednesday evening DFNYC fundraiser. Dan Jacoby, Brent, and I were there enjoying Jim Dean's and Mark Green's speeches as well as lively political discussion with a number of politicos.) Meanwhile, the Corporate Media is fraudulently aiding and abetting the McCain candidacy by doctoring a Katie Couric interview of McCain after he seriously muffed a question. See the Media Matters report.

Kate Anne and Air America's Mark Green
Kate Anne and AAR's president Mark Green

BUT all of this follows the Corporate Media pretty much failing to report Friday's Pre-Impeachment Hearings in the House Judiciary Committee. For a blow by blow blog-writeup, check out David Swanson's AfterDowningStreet blog -- and watch Vingent Bugliosi's testimony on YouTube: I'm reading his book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder -- available at your local bookstore, on and and at the NYC Library. (And for a "For Fun" read, I just finished True Believer by Nicholas Sparks. Hey it is the summertime and I need to de-stress.)

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

Jim and Brent
DFA's Jim Dean and activist Brent O'Leary

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