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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another tip of the hat to creativity

The Six Word Short Short Story Contest continues on Robert Hruzek's blog, Middle Zone Musings. Down times fill with six words. (Hey another one!) But I just posted this comment on Bob's site -- maybe it will inspire you to leap on over:

I second Troy's comment: Thanks for putting this on, Robert. Of course, in doing so you may have delayed world peace. Still creativity feeds the spirit. Lots of entries are pure poetry, others pure wit. Good mixture.

Got home too late last night to post these from yesterday. Besides, I wanted to read more of the other submissions. Whew, I'm grateful that Troy got political before I posted these:

- Congress got involved. Troops surged home.
- Profiteering eliminated. Little reason for war.
- Bush admits mistake. Hell freezes over.
- Martians attack. United nations at last.
- Too sleepy to write too deeply
- Dreamed it. Wrote it. Blogged it.
- Sweet dreams of lost love, peace.
- Pondering disaster, she sang peace songs.
- Mother talks. Kids squirm. Enough already.
- Six words travel on subway trains.
- Six words: serendipitous free for all

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


At 1/21/2007 10:48:00 PM, Blogger Kate Anne said...

Crazy busy weekend but I should drop these off on Bob's blog:

- Down times fill with six words.
- Positive accentuated, negative eliminated. Sirens? Arrested!
- "Change is good"? Titanic floats, sinks.
- Door closed. Window opened. Maybe not.
- Caring deeply, she said too much.
- Trust. Things work out. Soon please.
- Things happen. God's time. Not mine.
- Tears shed. Prayers whispered. Answer awaited.
- Sleep now -- all will be well.
- Closed eyes. Dreams beckoned. Daylight dawned.
- Blessings counted and counted upon. Faith.


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