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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Congress: Surge Troops HOME!!!

On Thursday, hundreds came out to Time Square in New York City with very little notice to protest Bush's call for an escalation to the U.S. occupation in Iraq. This was one of many such vigils and events that took place all over the country, with the help of United for Peace and Justice, Move On, True Majority, Code Pink, Fellowship of Reconciliation and other such peace and justice groups. See MoveOn's wrapup of the events here.

At Time Square, we stood and placed our signs where the passersby in cars and buses and those walking on Broadway could plainly see them. Fox Network's Sean Hannity was there getting an earful, no doubt. I received a fascinating little package of plastic soldiers labeled, "Bring Me Home," I left one on the subway that night and another in a New York City taxicab the next day. (See their website to take part in the project.) Also, check out more of my pictures from the Time Square event on my photo site. And do more: be there in Washington the weekend of January 27th. I didn't need to take a leaflet -- I have my own supply, but they were being handed out at Time Square Thursday night to advertise the Peace March on Washington. Come on, gang, make plans to go to Washington for the January 27th event -- and if you can stay longer, the other activities.

I had a good conversation with Mike Accordino (picture below) and fellow Tasini campaign worker, Gwendolyn. But NYFOR's Sam Oast wasn't at Time Square -- he was in Washington with Witness Against Torture working to close Guantanamo -- another noble effort, and about 90 of that group got arrested.

Photo: Mike Accordino at Time Square

On this, Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, speak out for peace and justice -- decide what YOU can do: call Congress, make plans for the Washington march, write letters to the editor, put a NO to Bush! sign in your window. talk to friends and neighbors.... Please do something. As Brother Martin said about Vietnam, apt for today, "There comes a time when silence is betrayal." We cannot sit by and do nothing. We, each of us, must act. Please -- and thank you for whatever YOU can do for peace and justice.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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