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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tell Congress: Not One More Death, Not One More $

At last night's Washington Square American Friends Service Committee 3000 US killed peace vigil there was poignant juxtaposition: a celebratory tree and a telling message, TELL CONGRESS:

Not One More Death. Not One More Dollar.

Enough killing, too much killing, too much death for NO noble cause. Some stood at Washington Square to send the message that so many more feel and MUST echo. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the passers-by on the streets of New York City and any city to TELL CONGRESS:

Not One More Death. Not One More Dollar.
Phone Congress: 202-224-3121
End the Occupation NOW

Some quietly spoke out with their presence last night. Let's all speak out today.

Peace on Earth NOW. Troops home NOW. Money for live-giving programs NOW. End war profiteering NOW. Peace, please, NOW. With God's help, with your help NOW. Phone Congress, 202-224-3121, NOW.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

AFSC peace vigilers


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