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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Join - make calls for Filibuster

Click the link above or go to the site for information on sending faxes this weekend and make calls on Monday to urge Senators to join John Kerry and Ted Kennedy in a filibuster of far right Judge Alito. Stay updated and follow's Bob Fertik's suggestions. Ask the staff member straight out, "Will Senator So&So support Kerry's filibuster?" -- I added a phrase: "Will Senator So&So have the strength and courage to join John Kerry's filibuster of Judge Alito". Encourage friends to do likewise. Hats-off and big thanks to current filibuster supporters:

Barbara Boxer (D- CA)
Dianne Feinstein (D- CA)
Christopher J. Dodd (D- CT)
Richard J. Durbin (D- IL)
John F. Kerry (D- MA)
Edward M. Kennedy (D- MA)
Paul S. Sarbanes (D- MD)
Debbie A. Stabenow (D- MI)
Harry Reid (D- NV)
Hillary Rodham Clinton (D- NY)
Charles Schumer (D- NY)
Ron Wyden (D- OR)
Russell D. Feingold (D- WI)

Please do what you can! REMIND ALL SENATORS: A "NO VOTE" IS NOT ENOUGH!!.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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