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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

President Al Gore: 'We the People" must save the Constitution

The President elected in 2000 speaks out against the Bush Crime Family's attack on the US Constitution. Hurrah! Let's take our country back. Read the article (linked above) and don't allow the Repugs to swiftboat President Gore for speaking up for the preservation of the Constitution -- something the unelected pResident swore to uphold and hasn't.'s January 16th posting has a good discussion going on about swiftboating, how it works, and what to do about it. We must stay on target, Bush and his administration have criminally disregarded the Constitution and we the people must reclaim it and our country. Republicans mudsling because they don't want us to discuss the message. The issue isn't Al Gore, it is about the pResident's persistent violation of the law. (Reminder, warrants for wire-tapping can be secured within 72 hours AFTER the wiretapping -- emergency situations are covered.) This corrupt administration has outdone Reagan's Irangate and Hoover's Teapot Dome. Illegal spying is Big Brother watching. It is high time everyone join in the chorus: Bush lied, Bush spied, Bush and his cronies must go.

God help us stay on the path to real peace and true justice, as per Brother Martin Luther King, Jr. MLK warned us: our country is threatened by racism, poverty and militarization. Bush is impoverishing more of us every day, is aiding and abetting the military/industrial complex, and is fanning the flame of racism. He is no friend of America and no patriot. God help us reclaim our country, the land of the free and the land of possibilities for ALL, not just CEOs and politicians.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne


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