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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hoot out Alan Simpson

Took a vacation day as there is much to do on my to-do list still (always) but I must react to Alan Simpson's remarks to OWL. (Also more here.) I have tweeted, called 202-456-1111 [White House Comment Line], Facebooked, and left this message at

Alan Simpson's remark to OWL show how totally inappropriate he is to co-chair the Debt Reduction Commission. He doesn't understand how Social Security is funded, by our Social Security tax dollars (FICA etc.) and he does not wish to honor the promise made to those of us paying in for years. Instead, the money we paid is supposedly borrowed for other things and doesn't need to be paid to us the bond holders for our Social Security needs.

Like with healthcare, Republicans like Alan Simpson think we older people should DIE QUICKLY -- so he can give tax breaks to the upper 2% no doubt.

I'm not collecting Social Security yet but I hope I live long enough to collect it. And I see how my aunt's funds have been depleted. If anything, the CAP must be RAISED on the special SS tax AND the way the cost of living is figured must be judged by the things older people buy/spend their money on. If anything, Social Security should be DOUBLED to STIMULATE THE ECONOMY. Thank you.

And we continue to spend money for war instead of supporting the working people and the elderly. ACT. SPEAK UP. Thank YOU.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne

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